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Vegetarian Mock Chopped Liver - another Passover favorite (פסח)

This is a wonderful option for spreading on Matzah. Served cold it is also a great appetizer for the table at anytime of the year.

There are so many versions of this spread made with different ingredients. Some are vegan, mine is vegetarian because it contains eggs.

I used different recipes over the years but finally came to find the one I like the best. It is my take on my friend Ariella's version of a delicious recipe to create this paste.

Healthy and light, it is also wonderful added to a buffet spread with crackers and veggies.

It is hard to stop eating this, I warn you!

Ingredients you'll need:

Small package of Baby Bella mushrooms (about 8oz) washed and sliced

1 large sweet onion chopped

2 -3 tablespoons olive oil or canola oil

2 large hard boiled eggs

1 cup of raw walnuts

1-2 teaspoons salt according to taste ( used 2)

A food processor

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil and sauté inions until golden and translucent. If the onions look too dry add a little more oil.

Remove from pan and set aside to cool.

In same pan add another tablespoon oil and sauté mushrooms until well cooked. Let cool

In a food processor put eggs, walnuts, salt, onions and mushrooms and process until mixture resembles chopped liver. I don't like it too smooth or creamy as it will turn into a dip. But that is a personal taste.

Put in refrigerator for at least an hour before serving. Overnight is even better. Serve cold with Matzah or crackers.

That's all there is to it!

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