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The Passover cake every Israeli child grew up on! Chocolate layer matzah cake! No baking!

When I was a child there was only one Passover cake. A simple matzah layer cake covered in chocolate spread!

There were no fancy macaroons in Israel in the 50’s. Who could afford shredded coconut? No potato flour or almond flour or any other “fake” flour in my little Mediterranean village. You made your own chocolate spread from butter, sugar and cocoa powder! and you used regular pieces of matzah!

Some would add a little rum to the chocolate cream to give it a kick.

It was always kept in the fridge and it was decadent!

Today I tweaked mine a little and made a whipped chocolate cream ganache to fill and cover the matzah. The rest is pretty much the same as it was then.

With all the fancy cakes that are made nowadays during Passover this one is still my favorite.

Here’s all you need.

8 square pieces of matzah

500 grams of heavy cream

500 grams of good quality dark chocolate or chocolate chips

I cup of any milk. I used oat milk.

For chocolate filling

In a bowl put 250 grams of the heavy cream and 250 grams of dark chocolate and microwave in pulses of 30 seconds at a time melting the chocolate with the cream.

Mix together until well blended then whisk until dark and shiny.

Put in fridge for an hour.

Take out and whip until fluffy. I used a hand mixer my mother had in the 60s that I still love. I feel her around me when I use her utensils. I have a few that I kept as my daughter also has and uses.

Take a large tin that the matzah can fit in. Line with parchment paper. Pour the milk in.

Soak the matzah in the milk until covered one piece at a time and turn the matzah over to repeat the same with the other side.

Dip fully into milk

Turn over and dip other side

Lay the piece of matzah in a square tin or on a large plate covered with parchment paper and pour some of the chocolate cream.

With a pallet knife spread to cover the matzah.

Soak another matzah the same way and lay it on top of the cream. Cover with chocolate cream. Repeat process until all layers have been formed. The last matzah should be left bare without cream.

In a bowl pour the other 250 grams of cream with the 250 grams of chocolate and pulse in 30 second intervals until melted. Whisk until dark and shiny as with the first batch. Do not whip this batch.

Pour the ganache over the entire matzah cake covering the sides with a palette knife.

Make circular wave like design with pallet knife if desired.

Scatter with sprinkles or ground almonds.

Refrigerate for two hours. take out and cut into squares. Enjoy this delish Passover treat any time!!

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Apr 28, 2022

i used to eat this as a child you brought back memories

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