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Schnitzel! That's the only word you need! (שניצל)

So what's Israeli about Schnitzel? The answer is everything!

It is practically a national dish. One of the few that were brought over from Europe to Israel by Ashkenazi Jews. Every household in Israel cooks it! Every Israeli grew up on it! Every Israeli loves it!

It is known as a go to meal for kids specially. Children in Israel love it as children do all over the world. What kid doesn't love breaded chicken? Exactly!

In Israel it is traditionally served with mash potatoes on the side or in a pita as a schnitzel sandwich! It is pounded thinner than in other countries and is fried coated in breadcrumbs or Matza Meal Crumbs. That is the way I like to coat them. I find the Matza Meal lighter and tastier than coarse breadcrumbs.

My mother often made schnitzel and it was the best I have tasted to this day. I now always keep thinly pounded chicken breast cutlets in the freezer ready to take out, thaw and cook schnitzel with at any time.

Heres how I make mine. I figured out a less messy way to make these delicious breaded cutlets!

You will need:

400-500 grams of boneless chicken cutlets pounded thin. I get my butcher to pound them for me. Amounts can be changed according to how many people are being served.

3 eggs beaten

1 cup of flour

300-400 grams of breadcrumbs or matzah meal (my preference)

1 teaspoon salt or according to taste

Canola oil - enough to cover half a wide deep frying pan

To prepare:

Pat all the cutlets dry with a paper towel. Put oil in the pan.

I use a method of coating which I find the least messy. I lay the cutlets in a dish or a tray. In a bowl or disposable baking tin I place the beaten egg. In another I put the flour. In a deep dish like a rectangle pyrex dish or a disposable rectangle tin pan I put the breadcrumbs or matzah meal. No washing to do after, just throw the tins away!

I coat all the chicken cutlets first and place them on a plate ready to fry at the same time, more or less. I use my left hand to handle the wet ingredients the right hand to handle the dry ingredients. This keeps my hands a little less messy.

Heat the oil to a pretty hot temperature. Place paper towels on a large flat plate or tray ready for the schnitzel to go on straight from the frying pan.

With my left hand and in this order I pick up and place one cutlet in the flour and coat it well on all sides with my right hand. I pick it up and place it in the beaten egg and use my left hand to make sure it is covered well with the egg. The third step is to place the egg coated cutlet in the breadcrumbs tray and use your right hand to cover it well.

Place in hot pan about 4 pieces at a time, do not overload your pan. Fry in the oil for a few minutes until it is golden brown and turn to repeat on the other side.

Pat the cutlets dry with a paper towel

Coat cutlets in flour covering them completely

Dip coated cutlets in beaten eggs covering them completely

Dip egg covered cutlets in breadcrumbs covering them completely. In that order.

Repeat with all the cutlets and put them in pre heated oil.

Fry until golden brown turning over and repeating the same on the other side. When browned on both sides take out and place on the paper towel.

That's all there is to making delicious fresh Schnitzel. So much tastier than in the restaurants!

I make this once a week. A perfect quick dinner served with mash potatoes and a salad!

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