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Israeli Biscuit Layer Cake - A well kept secret…(אמאל'ה)

One of the things I miss most about Israel is that people always had friends over for coffee and cake in the afternoon!

And you always had at least one cake ready to serve and some roasted nuts and fruit on the coffee table.

This cake is a childhood memory for every Israeli. Not normally found in bakeries and mostly made at home.

I remember how you would cut into it and the layers were picture perfect, but within seconds the decadent sweet cream started drizzling into the layers. Many little fingers were caught licking any cream that fell from the top of the cake.

Some of the biscuit cakes are made with cream cheese added. I don't use cream cheese in mine. I find it lighter without as there's enough cream in it as it is. I also don't add sugar as there's enough sweetness in the cake from the vanilla pudding and toppings.

Some have chocolate shavings on top, some chocolate ganache and ground nuts. I usually make mine with cookie crumbs, chocolate ganache or both. There are so many variations of this cake.

It is very simple to make and ideal for making with kids on days off from school.

No bake, keep in the fridge or freezer for longer. If kept in the freezer it actually tastes a little like an ice cream cake! Delicious!

Perfect on a warm day, enjoy a piece while sitting on the deck with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee. Perfection!

This is what you will need:

For dipping the cookies in: I cup of half and half

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon rum extract (optional)

For the cake:

1 cup of half and half

1 pint (473 ml) heavy whipping cream (double cream in the UK)

1 large packet (160 grams) vanilla pudding

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon rum extract (optional)

2 packets Kedem Tea Biscuits (available in the international supermarket isle) or any tea biscuits (about 240 grams)

1 rectangle glass or ceramic dish. You could also use a disposable pan too.

For the topping: Any of the following

Cookie crumbs

Chocolate shavings

Chocolate ganache - 240 milliliters of heavy whipping cream, 240 grams of chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate - always use good quality baking chocolate or chocolate chips for melting


Ground/chopped nuts

In a large bowl, whip together heavy whipping cream, vanilla pudding, half and half, vanilla and rum extract until fairly stiff. I use my hand held mixer for this. No need to dirty your stand mixer.

In a small bowl mix half and half with vanilla and rum extract.

Dip a cookie quickly one at a time in milky mixture in the small bowl, literally just put in and out.

Lay each biscuit in your dish of choice

Place the cream mix on top with a spatula and spread to cover all biscuits.

Repeat the same way with three layers of biscuits. 1 layer of biscuits followed by a layer of cream ending with a layer of cream.

Place in the refrigerator for about 4 hours or the freezer for an hour. The freezer will give you a more ice-cream like texture, the fridge more of a Napoleon cream texture. Both are delicious!

Top with chocolate ganache if desired.

Ganache: Ganache is always 1 to 1in metric measurements. Not so in US cups. I highly recommend getting a small kitchen scale as the measurements are more accurate for baking and most recipes are written in grams.

Place the whipping cream with the chocolate pieces or chips in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. Let it sit for a few minutes and mix together with a spoon or whisk until well blended and shiny. If chocolate is not melted enough add another 30 seconds of microwave time. Let cool completely and pour over cake.

You can also whip the ganache after cooling in refrigerator and decorate with piping. Place in refrigerator to set first for 1 hour.

Decorate with cookie crumbs, chopped nuts or sprinkles.

Cut into squares, serve cold and enjoy!!

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