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Cake Truffles! Yep, Truffles made from left-over cake!

Israel is a very kid friendly country. We love our children and everyone else's. The Jewish mother "thing" comes out in all of us! And that usually relates to food in some way.

Almost everything Israelis do revolves around kids. And food! Our Holidays are all about kids. And food! The foods we prepare are with the thought that the kids will also like them. And we take pleasure in seeing our recipes passing on from generation to generation.

These truffles are so easy to make and are a wonderful baking project for children. So if your kids are home from school and are bored, try making these with them.

These are no-bake truffles made with cake left-overs. You can make these from left-over sweet pastries too or even cookies that you just want to use up. It is kept in the fridge or freezer and you always have something sweet to serve.

Everyone that knows me knows that I like using leftovers from any food to create a new dish and these are a great way of using up your leftovers.

These are also prefect for children's birthday party projects or sweet gift baskets to give for special occasions or just because....

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, my 11 year old talented granddaughter made the truffles in the photo above by herself! I can't take all the credit for these.

Let the fun start, this is all that you'll need...

Left over cake or cupcakes, homemade cookies (the best) or store bought, or left over sweet pastries like Rugelach which I made recently and the truffles made out of them were delish!

Home made chocolate ganache or a store bought chocolate spread, Nutella, peanut butter, Biscoff Lotus cookie dough spread (my latest addiction) Halva spread which I just used or any sweet paste or spread you have.

Sprinkles, colored or chocolate, white or dark chocolate for melting, crushed Biscoff or Oreo cookies, shredded coconut, cocoa powder or ground nuts. The list is endless. I use whatever I can find in my pantry!

If you are using leftover cupcake or cake you can just crumble everything by hand to as small as it gets. If you are using cookies or sweet pastry leftovers use a food processor to crumble it.

Measurements here are vague as I don't want to limit you to the amount. Use all your left overs and judge.

I just add a "dollop", that's a British term for a chunk to your crumbs. I usually end up using about 2 large tablespoons of my sweet choice, chocolate spread, Nutella or biscoff cookie dough spread for example.

Mix and see if it is too dry, if you need to, add another tablespoon. Do this in stages so you don't end up with too runny a "dough" and no more leftover crumbs to add.

I use a small cookie scoop (my favorite tool) which comes in different sizes to form a ball, then round it up more smoothly with my hands but you can just use your hands to make a ball.

Shown below is the finished balls smoothed out by hand. I don't worry about making the balls equal in size but if you want to, you can weigh each one to about 40 grams.

Place balls in a plastic container and put in the freezer for 30 minutes to firm up

I sometimes make a deep dent in a truffle and put half a teaspoon of Biscoff cookie dough in the middle and close it with my fingers. Freeze as above

Melt some white chocolate, dark chocolate or Biscoff spread in the microwave for 30 seconds or a little longer in a glass bowl. Put some sprinkles in a small bowl. Do the same with cookie crumbs and coconut or anything you wish to dip your truffles in. I like a large variety. Seen below is a small selection.

I usually lay everything out first so I can just dip, decorate and place in the container to go back in the fridge.

I use a small tool I love for placing the ball on and dipping into my melted spread or icing. You can use a fork if you don't have one to achieve the same results.

Sprinkle with your favorite toppings using a spoon and place back in container, then refrigerate until ready to serve.

Enjoy these decadent little desserts and have fun making them!

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