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Is it even normal to be so exited about new spice jars? Well I am!

My spices were getting out of hand! Since flying to Israel so often I’ve been buying so many new amazing spices and have been using my usual method of putting them in saved jars of different shapes and sizes.

It started to bother me .. I like everything organized so it’s easy to find when I need something specific. That goes for my spices too. I had to do something about it!

I finally reorganized my spices and made a special drawer for them. Now they are all uniform in size and labeled with the spice name. That makes me happy.

I found these beautiful spice jars after hours and if I’m honest days of looking for ones that I liked.

I love these because you can dip a spoon in them. Some of the regular square or round top narrow spice jars are too narrow to use a spoon with. They really are more suitable for people who like to sprinkle their spices on. I need a spoon!

These fit beautifully in my draw and with the label on top you can see what you have!

I love these labels I got specially for these jars. They are made to fit the tops and come with the permanent white chalk pen to write with. The writing can be wiped off to re-write the label. It does not come off when washing the tops, you need to use something like Windex to remove the writing!

Yes I’m exited! Love these little beauties.

They are also great for mini desserts!

If you want to get these wonderful little spice jars here’s the link!

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