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Roasted Sugared Almonds (שקדים מסוכרים)

In Israel and all over the Middle East when people come to your home and visit, uninvited or otherwise, you don't ask them "would you like a cup of tea? Or coffee? You simply start bringing out food and drinks!

Almost always trays of fruit, nuts and sweet pastries or cakes will be put out. Nuts is very much an Israeli/Middle Eastern hosting snack in homes.

These sugared almonds make a great snack to add to your fruit trays. Healthy, so quick and easy to prepare. Try it for something different to offer when entertaining.

What you need is:

190 grams Almonds with the skin on

100 grams white sugar

100 gams light brown sugar

100 ml water

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of salt

In a saucepan add water, 50 grams of the white sugar, all of the brown sugar, cinnamon and salt. On a small flame stir and heat until you see bubbles. Add the almonds. Mix.

Continue cooking the almonds and mixing with a wooden spoon until the liquid thickens and almost diminishes.

Add the rest of the white sugar mixing for a minute or two.

Using a spatula scrape the almonds out on to a parchment sheet and separate with a fork. Let cool completely.

Keep in a closed jar. Enjoy!

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