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Dates and Cups
Shalom Everyone!
Welcome to Hamatcon. In case you were wondering, Hamatcon means “The Recipe” in Hebrew.


This is my little corner where I will be sharing tips and recipes that my mother and grandmother passed on to me, and I have passed on to my kids. Both of whom are excellent cooks in their own right and my teenage granddaughter is showing signs of creative cooking and baking too.

Some of the recipes I’ll be sharing will also be my own creations as well as some ideas brought together by friends and other cooks I admire. Cooking is a bit like songwriting, you take a little from here and some from there and create a new recipe that you now call your own.

I am a home cook, not a gourmet cook and I like to create recipes that are as simple as possible, for me that's where all the fun is! 

Eventually I will be adding videos too, I really feel that watching someone cook or bake makes it easier to follow the recipe. Whenever I would call and ask my mother to give me one of her recipes she would say “I have to show you!”


I hope I can inspire some of you to look through and pick out recipes to try and cook or bake at home, that’s the whole idea!

Enter your email and get notified when I post a new recipe, I have a ton more to share!

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